Now that you can't change best answer, is there a point to answering a question that already has best answer?

Also, if you don't select best answer for a question after a certain amount of days (about 2 or 3 weeks) they start to bug you saying "you should select a best answer for this question". It's annoying.

So, now that you can't actually changes best answer for a question (it's permanent once you do), is it worth it to answer the question still. It's already been answered, already. You could get the points for your answer, but there's really no point in getting points for a question that's already been solved, right?


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  • Not necessarily. I don't answer questions just to get a best answer award. I answer questions so I can help people. Or just to be active in their conversation depending on what kind of question it is. Best answer or not I don't care.


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  • I don't mind answering questions that already have MH selected as we still get points.

    I also don't mind the message remainders.


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