How to change your profile pic here on mobile?

Either I can't change it anymore or ever since the update, I totally forgot how to change it, or it just doesn't work altogether.

I click Edit Profile, and when I click my pic, nada. I click Update, nada. I click everywhere, nada. WTF someone PLEASE help lol


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  • You are not supposed to click on the picture, click under it on the words "edit avatar".

    • When I click Edit Profile, I see 2 pics of myself. There's one that says

      Edit Avatar: (PIC)

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    • What kind of phone do you have? Android, iPhone?

    • Sorry, I meant to clarify that I was referring to making the changes on the computer. Then they show up on the phone. It may be that the app will allow the changes but your phone does not work right with it, or it may be that the app doesn't allow the changes on any phone, just shows the things the computer shows without enabling those buttons. You might clarify by telling what phone you are using and someone with that type of phone could answer. I do not use my phone for web things.

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  • do they have a help section on here most sites do

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