How do exactly do you message people on this website?

I've been trying to contact on user and it said something about needing to 'follow' them but I did but I don't know what to do next. If you want to know who I am trying to message, it's 'COCOCHANEL'.


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  • Go to the profile of the user you're wanting to send a message to.
    From their profile page, click "Send a Message".
    If it doesn't allow you to send it, it means that user has activated the "Allow messages only from people I follow" setting from My Settings. That user will have to Follow YOU first before you can send them a message.

    I hope that helps :-)

    • Hmmm... So how exactly do I get them to follow me? Do I just have to ask them politely?

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    • Why would I post a question asking? That's just improper...

    • Just making sure :-)

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  • i'm glad we're in touch now :3

  • Click on the name of the person and then at the bottom u will sees actions and just click on send message.


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