What is one NICE memory from the OLD GAG that you would never forget? Why?

I am asking this because the old GAG is gone forever?
Thanks for taking your time to answer this.


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  • Rating the questions is something I sure miss :) I'm sure the new GAGgers will also appreciate it.

    It was so much fun how people would take it so seriously too :D Like I'd heard a little girl go livid when the levels changed and she was taken down to Xper 9 from Guru status - that was so cute & amusing :D But another note is that there are people who take GAG very seriously (I do ofcourse, I don't troll & answer questions candidly) and so serious that a change in level or similar affects them seriously :)

    • And how some guys over-reacted when I didn't give them an upvote or the BA :P
      I am not talking about you of course, haha.

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    • lol I am what I am never extra on anything be it rude or polite (for the former someone has to push me enough lol)

      I am a VERY BAD salesman, whenever I tried being one I failed miserably.

      Not everyone is the same. I hadn't even realized what an upvote is till the new GAG didn't come up. But there was this cute little girl who was livid with GAG for bringing her down from Guru to Master :D :D

      But yes some people can be unfortunately rude but we can't hold GAG to blame for it, I know you aren't :) :) GAG's a lovely platform & I've met more genuine & nice people here than on FB (ofcourse I don't network on FB ha ha)

      You have a great night :)

    • & thank you for your kind words :)

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  • Rating questions and seeing multiple pictures on profiles. Bring that back.

  • I don't know. I was out busy hitting on fine mommas to use this


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  • I am never going to forget panty man because he pissed me off. I also miss having good friendships with other users like ihatework , that one girl with the weird Asian girl picture and all of the trolls. And I'm also probs never going to forget that Tyt and I used to fight over Cyrus7 back in the old days. Things were more fun back then

  • The peopl whom I know from there but many had left the site...like standUP, aMuse , TangerineFire1 etc the jokes they made n the comments :)