If we all had a choice on what rewards can be in the rewards section on this site, what rewards would you like to see on here?

Im just wondering because we had the same selection as before and if you had to chose something that isn't already in the rewards section now, what would you choose out of these?

  • Travel gift cards such as air miles
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  • Paypal
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  • visa gift cards
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  • Skype gift cards
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  • other
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  • Wow I've never really looked at the rewards on this site but I guess I can use my xper to get about $40 amazon gift cards. That works for me lol.

    • I love it when I have just enough :)

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    • Yep, I got 3 $20 Amazon gift cards since I've been here, you just ask the admins for it and they send you a code

    • Thanks for MH, I know it was a tough choice :P

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  • How about a $100 amazon gift card? I guess that would equal about 20,000 points


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