Max questions a GAG member can ask is now 10...?

So do you think it's a good thing that the maximum number of questions a GAG member can ask in a 24 hour period has been hiked to 10? (If I understood correctly...)


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  • It's usually not that big of an issue. However, just look at the annoying guy today that has asked the same "WHY DON'T I HAVE ANY FRIENDS" question like 15 times in a row already. I think they might have a bit of a glitch when it comes to counting questions for the day, where they don't include questions that have been asked and removed. It seems as if the question gets removed, and so does the "count" for that question.

    And then you have users asking 10 questions just for the sake of it, with the questions being pointless or stupid anyway.

    • There's no glitch and the count does not go down for removed questions :-)
      That was a spammer with more than one account.

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    • Of course, my ninja skills took him down :-P

    • Lol :)

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  • 10 is too many.
    5 would be just nice for me but this new GAG makes me lazy to ask questions.


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  • Do users actually ask that many questions per day?

  • I only ask 1/2 a question per day