There's a glitch In my GAG and it's becoming annoying! Need admins help?

So yesterday I answered a question and today I had 1 notification from it for an Upvote. Usually those Notifications go away when I click on the Question and see what the notification is about. However the question I answered yesterday is now removed but the notification is still up and it doesn't go Away. Is there any way to fix this? it's annoying.


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  • In the future, please don't post questions about site problems because it may take longer for us to see it. You can simply come straight to me or even use "Contact" (at the bottom of every page) so that we can help you.

    Are you still having this issue?

    • I Honestly had no idea where to look for and wanted to know if anybody else has it. Thanks for your Answer I will contact you guys if it happens again. The Bug is gone now.

    • Oh good, I'm glad it's gone now. We've logged it though so that we can still investigate :-)

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  • I think you should just send an email directly to gag. I know they are making changes, maybe that's why you're having issues.


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