Pink or blue? Does it get switched?

I thought that if your female you show up as pink and if your male you show up blue...
but I have had a reply from a female that showed up blue.
and i just clicked on a question that was blue when it was listed but displayed pink when I opened it.
SO... something going on with java on my machine or is this something that happens on this site...


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  • Maybe there's something wrong with the site?

  • 1. Where were you seeing the female reply as blue?

    2. If you open a question from LIVE FEED or MY FEED, the color of the question will match the gender of the person who did something on that question. For example, if a girl asked a question and you click on it from THAT action, the color will be pink. But if you click on THAT question because a guy commented on it, the color will be blue because the action on the question came from a guy.

    I hope that makes sense.
    Please let me know on the first :-)


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