What's the criteria for a question to be deleted on here?

I asked a question about my bf preferring overweight and average to unattractive women. And subsequently putting me lower on the scale for being toned and slim.

My question was deleted. Why? Where was the offensive bit? Do moderators decide or does it only take one person to take offense to a question to get it removed?


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  • Please check out our FAQ to see our posting guidelines - https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/posts

    As for your specific case, I don't show we've removed anything from you. The question you're referring to was not removed.
    In the future, please do not post questions about removals, simply come to us :-)

    • Thanks. The question came back after a day or so.

    • Good, thanks for MH!

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  • I think sometimes question removals are by error. If you hit the report button on a question, there are multiple swords given to describe why the question is deleted. If you're upset about it, I recommend you just email GAG and inquire about it.

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