What simple things will most improve the new site?

Permit the question and opinion manifests to be selected chronological by date. The two old manifests, chronological and recent activity were good. I personally don't care about "most helpful". I want to see recent activity so I can pick up a dialog if someone responded. I can't tell of some of my activity even makes the manifests because it may be deeply buried.

Allow anonymous at all levels and make it changeable after the fact like before.

When I am in a topic looking at a question, giver me a button that can return me to the topic main screen without starting over.

As I have said before, there are too many topics. I used to use "other". You presently have about 65 topics. They should be combined to about 20. For example, sexual behavior, sexual health and friends with benefits should be combined.


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  • They need to go back to the questions being listed on pages. This current format of "endless scrolling" like Tumblr does might be good for just browsing/surfing through the site, but it's TERRIBLE for finding questions asked during a specific time when you search them by page. The search feature isn't chronological on here, so that doesn't help. And when you don't even know the question title but remember round about when it was asked, you can't just go to the pages close to where it was asked.

    The endless scrolling causes you to lose your place very easily and it's a pretty awful system, both on here and on Tumblr.

    • And even though I am a GAG addict, my activity us reduced. Unfortunately, my interest is fading because of this and if a competing site more like the old one emerges, I'll go to it and probably switch in time.

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  • I think that we should put more pictures and be able to have a wall again and a messenger like Facebook where you can separate your friends list. Also I hate the followers thing i want to be able to friend people its much more personal , when you follow some one it feels stalkerish like Twitter and not like oooh yaay some one likes my blog like in tumblr.


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  • I agree with you to cut down on the number of topics.