In my questions list, it’s difficult to see which of my questions have new answers. Were you aware of that?

There have been some visual changes to GAG, which seem OK, apart from one. When I look at the list of Questions I’ve asked it’s no longer obvious which have new answers.

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  • It's still obvious, there's a small circle of notification on the questions with the new answers, just like before the most recent update. But if you went anonymous on your question, this notification is partly covered by the anonymous icon, so it's only partly visible. But it always appears on the top of your question list.


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  • Daph81 is correct.
    We always put the questions/opinions with new activity at the top of the list.
    Then, you'll also see a blue bubble (because you're a man) to the left, with a number inside to let you know how many new opinions/comments are on that post.


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