How can i get rid of this new theme of GAG? its anoying me.

I am GAG member and I used to come online before when we had different pattern to open the GAG pages, to ask questions, to answer. now problem started when this new theme activated and everything messed up. now I can't use GAG like before. I can't open GAG in my mobile like before (perhaps an app is there for mob but in different way). so can anybody pls tell me how to get previous version of GAG?


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  • The old version of G@G no longer exists. You cannot access the previous version.

    You can use G@G on your mobile by opening your browser and going to the site. We now have a mobile version, so it is slightly different than desktop, but this is to make it easier and more fitting for your mobile device.

    What issues are you having?
    Is it just that it's different or are you actually encountering problems with the site not functionally properly?

    If it's just that things are differentz please look over our FAQ, particularly the New-GAG section, as it explains the changes and how things work now :-)


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  • You can't, it's not optional. They aren't going to change back to the old version and there is no way for users to go back to that. All you can do is learn to adapt to how it is now, or leave the site.

    • and that keeps me away from GAG :-( just now I wanted to post an answer but I posted ''comment''
      before we could see only questions now we see the members and shows ''answered/commented/etc. ..

    • Are you referring to the Live Feed? You don't have to use that to find questions to answer. I use the "recent" tab a lot too and of course you can browse the topics section as well.

    • hmmm...thanks
      ...its ok...
      m fed up with this..,.,

  • There is no going back you get used to it or move on.

  • The old version is long gone. You are going to have to adapt. Such is life.


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