Is there any way to keep track of who you blocked on the new GAG site?

I noticed there doesn't seem to be a way of keeping track of who you have blocked on the updated site. Am I right or am I missing something here?


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  • No, there is no Blocked Users list to view.

    You'll get a pop-up message telling you if you try to share on their question, or comment on their opinion, vote on the opinion, send a message, etc. When you block someone now, you are blocked back.

    • Thanks for MH :-)

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  • A big improvement. Now that you are blocked back when you block someone, people can no longer play games with blocking, so I'll bet there will be a lot less of it!!!

    • Yes I used to love the idiots that blocked you but continued to troll your questions & comments.

    • And it's just as well people can't obsess about who is on their blocked list..

  • I don't think there's a way to know unless we try to answer / opine or send a message to them , a user @wölfin-fräulein has blocked me which I realized when I tried to comment on an opinion that she posted on one of my questions lol. Never even noticed her before this ha ha

  • There's no real way unless you realise you can't answer someones question... But why would there be a way to track it?


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