What do you think of this GAG policy?

"We do not allow posts about [banned subject A] or [banned subject B]. Though we strive to offer uncensored content, we must ensure that entries are not offensive to the majority of our members. You can edit your question, remove any sexually explicit parts or profane words, and resubmit.

Thank you for your understanding, and for helping us keep GirlsAskGuys a safe, helpful, and informative place!"

I think it’s a joke. If you want to censor things, have the guts to say so, or at least don’t claim that you’re NOT censoring.

People can join or leave GAG at will, and GAG already has many social conservatives. So if a majority of GAG users tomorrow were to find discussion of same-sex marriage offensive, should that be banned? According to the justification given, yes.

“You can edit your question, remove any sexually explicit parts or profane words, and resubmit.” That’s a joke too. How can you ask a question about [banned subject A] or [banned subject B] without mentioning the subject?

“safe, helpful, and informative place!" There’s nothing unsafe about the intellectual discussion of a topic, and discussion is by its nature helpful and informative.

  • The policy stifles free speech.
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  • The policy is right.
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  • The policy is right, but GAG should have the balls to not pretend to be against censorship.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well they're trying to keep this site clean and 'fun' while at the same time, benefits users/readers/visitors.

    • Eh? This site isn't clean AT ALL. I just saw a question on ass-licking.

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    • I simply asked whether they should be legal. I don't think debating the legality of something is unclean at all. Much more clean, anyway, than going into intimate details about ass-licking. As you say, underage kids will see those questions.

    • I believe they're probably still debating that or still working on those issues.. You can always take that up with Sparrow the Admin person here.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I think that's ironic

  • They picked 2 'taboo' things that they don't want us to post about. I don't really think it's a big deal...

    • If GAG didn't do lame, irrational excuse-making, I wouldn't look so negatively on it.

What Guys Said 4

  • Someone delete your comments or questions i'm guessing? The rules are clear, I don't see what you're complaining about. They encourage discussion, but they have to have limits which are mentioned as i've had to read them myself. Kind of childish trying to make a point out of nothing, free speech doesn't exist, and you have to realise the target audience on the site.

    • I'm not going to repeat to you what you clearly didn't read.

    • That's ironic since you clearly haven't read the site rules at all correctly... I mean are you really trying to tell me, that you aren't complaining about censorship on this website? Because you obviously are, i'm assuming the reason is because you have had something deleted and are annoyed. Otherwise why are you at all bothered? Plus this is not the first post along the same lines which leads me to believe you've probably done this a few times.

  • They make the rules. Create a competing site if you want to be uncensored

    • I'm not saying GAG should be FORCED to change its policy.

  • People who spend their time complaining about free speech on a privately runned website really need to go outside and get a job (two if they already have one, because they clearly aren't being worked hard enough). The site owners can do what they want. This isn't the house of representatives

    • I didn't say GAG should be FORCED to allow anything on the website. I'm debating the morality of GAG policy.

      1. Why is GAG claiming to be against censorship when it in fact censors things? 2. Is there any evidence that the majority of GAG users at ALL times find discussion of those two banned subjects 'offensive'? 3. If the majority of GAG users found discussion of same-sex marriage 'offensive', should it be banned? According to GAG's reasoning, yes.

      Why not just list the banned subjects? Why the lame excuse-making?

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    • for xper

      Get with the program dude

    • OK, but you're not getting Xper for adding additional comments.

      In any case, it's an irrational use of your time.

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