New update to GAG is irritating...?

I cannot stand the fact it boots you out of the question when you post your reply. IS there a way to turn that feature off?
I always post what I have to say first so I am not influenced by the other posts. but i like to see what others had to say. you have to back arrow into the question to read the others..arghhhh


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  • After answering a question, click on "View Question" near the top. It will bring you back to the same screen you were at when writing your answer. You can then click "Next" to go to the next question on the list.

    • Great! I would not have found that without your response. Thank you.

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  • I hate that and the constant reminders to select most helpful. I'm sorry, but sometimes the responses I get on questions aren't even helpful. It's annoying.

  • I know right !!!

  • We take you to that page to show you other questions :-)

    To get back to the question page, click View Question (orange button to the right of the "Your Opinion is sent" text.
    From the question page, you'll see the Prev and Next buttons to also take you to other questions to share on.

    • But it is extreamly annoying to have to make another step to get where we just where. Why not have a "view next question" button and take you out of the question you already put yourself into? you are making people do 2 steps to get to 1 place.

    • It's to promote more questions, give questions more exposure on the site so they can get more opinions :-)

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