i dont feel safe on this site, what should i do if i want to stay on here, but feel safer?

i already don't allow anonymous users, but i also don't feel safe. i was just attacked on one of my questions, by a guy who didn't even answer the question, he just outright attacked me. what should i do. i reported him and the answer, but i want to feel safe on a free site like this

just cause its the internet, doesn't mean it gives people the right to be douchebags. i should feel safe, no matter


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  • You're definitely safe on G@G!

    You did the right thing, report any harassment by reporting the posts, the user, and/or their messages (if it's in private messaging).

    One thing to keep in mind, antagonizing others makes things worse, and can often make you a target. Simply report the offensive/antagonistic behavior, and we'll take care of things :-)


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  • If you're not tough enough for the internet...I don't know what to tell you.

  • This is the internet. Technically, you are never REALLY safe. If you really wanted to feel safe, you would take that photo you have of yourself down. You can't realistically be upset about some psycho hating on you here, and then you have a legit picture of yourself on this site. You see, its a contradiction.

    Regarding that user, all you can do is report him. I feel safe here even though people curse me out because they don't like my responses. Do I care? NO. Either they block me, or block them. Thats it. There is no real reason to feel unsafe here. The site is actually more on top of stopping verbal abuse etc than they were before. And if you really just don't want to deal with drama here, go anonymous for every question. I've done it before because some users here are tools. Good luck.

    • i should feel safe about posting my photo. it wan't even about my photo anyway. what made you bring that up?

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    • Dont let it get to you. As I said, I get cursed out by people who are confrontational for no reason almost every other day.you're on a site with all types of personalities, mental issues etc. Not everyone is going to like what you have to say. There are also people here who have no lives and are angry, and their goal is to be malicious to others. On a FREE site, all sorts of people are attracted to it. The same with Craigslist and plenty of other free sites. You cannot control what everyone says or does.

    • i know, i guess i was just looking for a place to compain, on a free site like this

  • Why do you feel threatened by a verbal attack by a stranger who doesn't know anything about you?

  • Its the internet the most they can do is insult you

  • Did you report him or tell the admins?


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  • Are you trying to make a joke, because I've seen some of your answers and you're not always the sweetest candy in the drawer LOL
    It's the internet, report and move on.

    • no joke. i always answer truthfully, even if it comes across as being a dick. sometimes you have to hear what you have to hear not what you want. however, i don't need to be attacked for my opinions, that's just outright wrong and would be illegal in some cases

  • Maybe you're not ready for the internet

  • Sorry mate but it sounds like you just need to harden up. I don't know what was said but seriously it's the internet ffs

  • There is no reason not to feel safe

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