Live Feed default works for you guys?

"You can now customize LIVE FEED! You can choose from gender, Questions, Opinions, Users you Follow, Trending... and so many more options! Click "Filter By" and once you've got it how you like it, "Set Default"!"
Why do I have people I don't have on my friends list on my user/follower live feed?


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  • If you filter by "Users I Follow", you should only be seeing activity in the LIVE FEED from those you are following.
    There is no friends list, just a following list.
    If you see someone on the LIVE FEED when you filter by users you follow, click on their username to go to their profile. When you're on their profile, you should see "Unfollow" on the top right corner, and to the left, you'll also see "Unfollow".
    I haven't had any issues, so if you can please check that. If you're truly filtering by Users you follow, you are following those users.

    I hope that helps!

    • That even works with featured questions and admins? I have it set at default and I see people that are "following me" that I never saw before. You can now follow people if they don't approve? Maybe they changed their name?

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    • lol so if someone adds you then you either have to like them or hate them :P

    • Haha! As is life :-P
      Well, you can block them to get them off of your Followers list, and then just unblock them. That way, no one is blocked but they're not following you anymore either.
      Also, making your profile private doesn't allow ANY new followers.
      We are looking into giving you guys more control of that though, so stay tuned for more small updates.

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  • it works for me

  • Might be they are following you? Not quite sure how that works?

    • Maybe but that seems pretty stupid to not be notified. If this is true then of course Live Feed is not set up the way it should be. Gag blows now. So does shoveling 20 inches though :)

    • Hosed again eh?

    • Looks that way

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