What does the U mean next to users names?

On here there are users who have an m next to their names which I take to mean moderator...but what do the u's mean?


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  • M = Moderators
    S = Super Moderators
    U = Uber Moderators
    A = GirlsAskGuys Admin Staff


    Ubermods are the highest tier on our moderation team.
    They do everything the Supermods do, except they can also freeze the accounts of spammers or harassing trolls, things like that. They help keep G@G fun, safe and useful :-)

    • Oh. Well does one need to be appointed from M status to S status and so on? Or how does that all work?

    • After you're a good, successful Mod for a while, we'll promote you to Supermod, then to Ubermod.
      Also, as a Mod, you can only REPORT questions. We always encourage you guys to do so... basically REPORT questions that you would HIDE if you were a Supermod.
      A good REPORT success rate will help us determine if you'll be a good Supermod... so that helps too :-)

    • Thanks for MH ^_^

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  • U don't wanna find out, what the U stands for.


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  • It means "uber moderator." They can hide questions, question updates, opinions, opinion comments, article comments, video comments, and temporarily freeze members' accounts if a particular user is consistently violating the Terms of Use of the site

    All of this information can be found in the FAQ:) https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq

  • it stands fro Ultra Galactic Overlord

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