Have you seen users here POST a question and try to answer it at the same time?

I've seen users post questions, and then attempt to ANSWER it. I think its because of the former site, it was possible to answer your own question. So users doing this usually looks something like this:

Question: Why did my boyfriend break up with me?

Update: "You dont need him girl! Find someone better for you!"

LOL! I've seen users doing this and the best part is, they are totally caught and choose to not acknowledge when they are called out on it. So have you seen this before?


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  • Thats hilarous

    • Lol! Isn't it! Damn it! I wish I could find the few questions where users did this so I could post a link. I swear it happens here...

    • I would do just to do it, hope i haven't done it

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