Rate me questions...have they helped you?

Do you feel like you have benefited from posting a 'rate me' question? or did it affect you negatively. Please explain.

If you haven't posted a question like this, what stops you from doing so.

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  • It didn't hurt me at all. If you post a question like that you have to prepare yourself to hear both positive and negative comments. You're asking for people's honest opinions so you can't really be surprised or upset if they don't tell you what you're hoping to hear.

    I personally like hearing everyone's opinions even if they're not flattering. I take it with a grain of salt because everyone's tastes are different. What one person finds attractive another person won't and vice versa. Don't ask the question if you're not prepared for the criticism.

    • so would you say you were indifferent to it?

    • I wouldn't say indifferent. Its always nice to hear people say good things about you, but I like hearing hearing the bad too because I feel like those answers are more honest. (They might not be.) I hate when people just tell me what they think I want to hear or don't want to hurt my feelings. If I ask a question I want absolute honesty. I appreciate everyone's opinions but I would never let them have so much power to the point that it has a negative effect on how I view myself.

    • Thanks for answering my question!

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  • There's the possibly of getting negative feedback but really they are mostly opinions and will vary. From reading the rate me questions it seems like people are mostly exaggerating the persons looks to encourage the person and probably to not come off acting inconsiderate on here. Maybe it's just that the people that aren't attracted decline to post. People tend to average a good 7-8 which seems high at least to me. So really I think it's more about acting nice to the person. I'd probably post on a site like hot or not. I actually did that when I was your age. I think you're really going to get a less bias response. So I guess it seems a little pointless unless I want some encouragement.

    Interestingly I saw the one yesterday where the person was asking if the reader would feel intimidated by the girl she posted looks and people seemed to say she is more average to below average. She was the one person I think that was rated below her looks and I think the way it was written caused that response. If she would have said, "I have a hard time attacting men, am I ugly" obviously people would have said she is a gorgeous 9-10.

    The rhetoric behind the story will really cause a bias or if the story is neutral people generally don't want to come off as unsympathetic.

    • so u were indifferent to it then?

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    • Yw, hopefully I helped. I'm not trying to sound negitive but I think that's the truth.

    • nope u werent negative at all.

  • I haven't posted a question like this because I feel no need to do so. I have a girlfriend anyway so the only opinion on my appearance that matters is hers.

    • Thanks for answering.

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    • nope i did sense anything hostile thats your opinion and I am fie with it dude.

    • I meant i didn't sense anything hostile lol

  • Mostly yes and a little bit of no...

    Yes because of others opinions my whole appearance is now different and i have never felt so good about myself in forever. No because of some peoples opinions it made me feel insecure for quite a while..

    It turned out to be more positive then negative because what they said were like constructive criticisms to me and it made me change some things for the better. Now i feel pretty awesome and am "a lot" more confident then i used to be.


What Girls Said 3

  • I haven't asked a rate me question and I probably won't. I hate being judged on appearance.

  • haven't asked

  • I have never posted a question like that, I've only asked people invidually, through PM. So far, they've told me what I pretty much already know already, that I'm average and some people might find me cute, but I'm definitely not more than a 7.

    And mind you, some of those people asking for ratings are merely looking for attention, especially if their faces are only shown in 3 out of 10 photos, the rest are body shots in underwear. lol... Or people wanting to show off.