You GAG story, satisfied or discontented?

I feel weird this week coz someone from this site is giving me a genuine attention in our conversation.not a constant changing of mails though, yet i feel so great.I noticed some positive changes in my COLD and DRY routine.She gave me a permission to use her pic for my laptop as display pic, which pleases me and makes me smiles all day.
I ask nothing more, it might be temporary because of many reasons.With passion and enthusiasm I will cherished all the days that i spent talking with her.

Oh A little bit of Attention can mean so much.

So tell me your story or your current journey regarding GAG.


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  • I have no attachment to much of anything regarding this site. I feel incredibly disconnected from it.


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  • I don't have any stories. I just use this site out of curiosity and boredom. And it's quite addictive.


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  • i'm an Asian ninja trolls who likes hitting on cute Asian girls... i also want DAT AMAZON GIFT CARD!!!

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