Less discussion on topics here?

It seems like when you do a question update it's pointless because no one notices it?


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  • The others are correct, you're no longer notified when someone updates their question.
    That may be why you're not seeing much response to your question updates.
    The reason for that change is the many complaints about constant updates to questions that were very old, many members didn't like being notified.

    If you're curious to keep track of a question, updates and all, you can Follow it... this will keep ALL of it's activity in LIVE FEED, and you can even filter by Questions I Follow to see JUST those.

    I hope that clarifies things for you ^_^
    As always, feel free to ask my anything!


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  • I could be wrong (someone correct me if I am?), but I think they got rid of the feature that notifies people who have left their Opinions when the QA adds an update to their question...

    • That's crazy no wonder less people have less people responding.. it seems like unless you have a featured question don't expect more then like 5 responses.

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  • 'TheoryOfAvarice' is right. They removed the feature that notifies people when an update has been made.

    It's a blessing for me because I don't care for repeated questions on the same topic unless it's directed to me specifically.

    • Well it's just a updated and should not be saying the same stuff over again.. sucks they got rid of it

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