To the G@G creators :) How did you come up with this site?

How long did it take you to create this new site? Was it a fun process? Did you enjoy it? Are you going to add new things to this site? What are your goals for this site? How much did it cost to create a site like this? Thanks Again for making this site :)


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  • I'm Tolga, came up with the idea when I was out at a bar, with a few friends after seeing the communication, or lack of, between girls and guys. Based on these "interactions", it was quite apparent the world doesn't need another dating site to find a date but instead a place to learn how to get or even keep that date.

    It took 8 weeks after that night to launch first version. (You can see that here

    Since then, by leveraging the curiosity of an ever expanding social community, GAG become much more. A place where girls and guys of varied backgrounds discuss a wide array of topics to help each other by
    sharing our own experiences and opinions. It is a fact that our experiences help others, even if sometimes we don't realize.

    Was it fun? Yep it was a lot of fun and still is, even more now actually since back then it was a shot at the dark, now we have millions of people coming to GAG every month. We have a full team working on it, day & night, every day to make it even better. You will see a lot of updates coming in the next few months and I hope you guide us to make it better, after all GAG community is our biggest strength.

    ps. Turkish true, but not quite on a hideaway island sipping margaritas, at least not all the time :) More like passing out on the keyboard most of the time. And even when I'm sipping margaritas, I have GAG open on my phone.

    • Thats awesome :) Im glad it took off for you :)

    • Im so glad you guys changed it up since then, it that version looks like its from 2005.

    • Those "classmates" banners were so old school LOL I remember them from MySpace days.

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  • Whatever happened to Homer? Isn't he one of the original creators? At least, I assumed he was


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  • GAG Creator was a Turkish guy. I imagine he is never on this site. Too busy sipping Margaritas in a hideaway Caribbean private island.

    • LOL. How do you know? :P

    • It's common knowledge. I believe I saw it in about us section. on the old site. There is Turkish version of this site too.