How can I delete some of my followers?

I am a newby here and I want to know how to delete/deny followers.


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  • Just view your profile, and go to your Follows lists.

    You can unfollow people you're following from there.
    If someone is following you, you can't do anything to make them unfollow you.

    Also, if you set your profile to private, you will not get any new Followers.

    • Cool thanks, I'm not actually following anyone, I just wanted to get a particular person off my follow list. Seems it's not doable but thanks for replying

    • No problem.
      Also if someone is following you and you're uncomfortable with it, you can always block them and they won't be able to see your activity anymore.

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  • I think the only way is to block them. You can also make your profile private.

  • If you don't want someone following you, you can block them.
    If you don't necessarily want them blocked either, you can simply unblock them after blocking them.

    If you don't want ANY new followers, you can make your profile private.

    I hope that helps!