How do you get a question featured on here?

I am just wondering how it happens cause I wanted one of my questions features so I could more replies.


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  • You just contact the admins here and request it:)

    • thanks does it really help get more answers though?

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    • Thanks honey =)

    • No problem! And thank you for MH:)

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  • Click on "My Xper" and scroll to the bottom and in an orange box, itll say "Redeem Points" and you tell them you want your question featured.

  • Once you've earned enough Xper points (500 Xper), Contact us -

    Choose "Redeem Xper" from the Regarding drop down menu.

    In the message box, provide the link to the question you'd like featured.
    Note:: We will NOT feature any questions with sexuality related topics.

    After you've sent the Contact form, your question will then be put in line, as we feature questions in order of request. Sometimes, it can take a few days before yours is featured, but don't worry - it WILL be featured and you'll receive a message when we've done so.

    For future reference, this information can also be found on our FAQ -

    • can your questions be featured without requesting it? wondering because my question is featured and didn't how it came to be :)

    • Yes, if there is no featured question waiting in line for that gender, we will choose a great question ourselves (^_^)

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