Do you think GirlsAskGuys should should have comment notification?

When you comment on someone's answer, it notifies you of other comments made. We have Question and opinion notification, so why not comment notification.

  • Ye, it would make thing's easier.
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  • Don't need it, would be of no use to me.
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It would be real easy, with a little check box beside comment, that enables/disables notification of new comments to the opinion.


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  • We are currently working on a solution for this, so stay tuned!
    No spoilers yet though (^_-)

    • Good to know, I'll make things easier :).

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    • While working on that, please also enable a way to switch individual notifications off, just for those rare times when commentary finds its way to be annoying.

    • No problem.

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What Girls Said 5

  • Yes. I think it would make it easier to carry on conversations that do not occur on our own posts. If I comment on someone else's post, it would be nice to know if they commented back without having to go back and check every so often.

    • I thought they would of added it, when they updated the site.

    • Yeah, I was hoping but there's always a chance that it may be implemented later on. I know that the admins are always open to suggestions so maybe they'll see this question and discuss it among themselves.

    • Maybe if enough users vote A, they'll add it to their to do list.

  • That would be nice. Sometimes there is good discussion happening that could easily die out because of people forgetting to check for comment replies on the other answer. There should also be an option to opt out of notifications when you're done with commenting on the answer.

    • Their could be a little check box, next to comment, that allows you enable/disable notification of new comments.

    • Yeah, kind of like how Facebook has the options to "stop notifications" on a post you made/commented on.

  • Yes, and everything I wanted to say has been said by Musicbrain. Oh and also, a tone for new notifcations wouldn't hurt, in my opinion

    • Like on my email, every time I get a new email I get a tone. It would be helpful if your busy on another tab/website.

    • Or like Facebook :)

    • I wouldn't know about Facebook now, as I closed my account a few years ago.

  • Yes that would be great.

  • They use to but when they updated they took it away, rather annoying not to have it now.


What Guys Said 4

  • I think, although it sounds like a good idea, it would turn into a mess. If you post a question, then every opinion and comment should theoretically be about your question. If you post an opinion, every comment under it should theoretically be about your opinion. BUT, although every comment should be about that opinion, not every comment relates directly to the comments before it. For instance, you might comment on an opinion, then the next comment is still related to that opinion, but in a way completely different than your comment. Then a whole tirade sometimes follows about the coment after yours. The system has no way to know that they have nothing to do with your comment, and you would get possibly dozens of notifications about your one comment. Multiply that by many comments you make and you would have a boat load of notifications in which you are not interested.

  • Well, i didn' understand your question as well, so i don' answer your pull, but i like actual notofocation system :)

  • This would be very helpful

  • I think you should be able to choose what to recieve notifications for.. I wish I could turn off notifications for question updates

    • There are no longer ANY question update notifications.
      That was a change we made when we launched this new version of G@G ^_^

    • RIP old Girls ask Guys :(.

    • Oh really? :D that's great! Ohh and I just found the "set default" on the main page to fix the thing I didn't like ^^ So I'm happy with the new GAG :)