A question for new users who joined the site in 2014, what do you think about this site and its users?

The question is simple ^_^
Will you give me your review?
Do you find this environment good?
Do you like advises from users?
What do you think about users and moderators? Do you find them friendly?
Thanks ^_^

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  • Meh
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  • I don't like that much
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I like it. Some people can be really rude or offensive but the majority of people are really helpful and interesting


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  • I like the site a lot. I really like how blunt most of the people are on here. What I don't like is how sometimes you can ask a serious question and someone will come up with a dumb answer to just to be heard. I think how most people on here spend time thinking about questions that they really need answers to. Relationships, family issues, health issues, fitness issues and so on.

  • I am surprised by the thoughtfulness that goes into most of the replies that I have seen; which is to say I am enjoying it so far

  • I like it. Tho some are rude and judgmental about things, that others ask.


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