Girlsaskguys Question Asker and Answer code of conduct/QA's not hearing what they want/Tactless, disrespectful, pushy, antagonistic answers. Your view?

Many people do not possess the art of communication, yet they are blind to the fact. These people also tend to be the ones who give themselves overdue credit, overestimate the worth of their verbal presence, and automatically assume that their insight is 100%, undeniably correct. Sequentially, they end up in a place like GAG, often unintentionally, answering a question without tact, showing slight disrespect, and being placing inappropriate judgment on a total stranger. This is a problem because first and foremost; it taints what should be a positive, productive, helping environment where in the long run, people other than the QA benefit. Such a distasteful presence derails the original vibe of genuine, constructive insight and substitutes it with petty, immature, ongoing, pointless arguments.

Some people immediately like to claim that a QA is simply upset because they're not hearing what they want. Sometimes this is true, but other times, it's simply an answer resorting to an unoriginal, overused, often misplaced idea because they didn't receive applause and praise for their post. I honestly think that many people answer with the intent of showing off what they think they know and arrogantly showcasing what may be a false discovery about a stranger. Instead of humbly questionning if their answer is wrong, they're quick to point fingers at the QA. Have you noticed this? Sometimes, there may even be pushy, persistent aggression and antagonistic comments if the QA does not submit to a total stranger's impartial view of them. How should one respond to that?
What is the best way to deal with the self appointed Sherlock Holems of GAG? The answers who are less interested in sincerely helping and more interested in having their intellectual ego stroked? What's your overall view on this topic?


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  • I've noticed some people think they are Gods gift to the world. It does get annoying but I just ignore them. They usually give short answers that have no value to the question asked but they think its the best answer ever given because they are being 'honest' in their own self-righteous view. Im far from perfect but if I answer a question, I really try to be helpful by being honest, open, non-judgmental. Sometimes I do give an opinion that is a little funny but I still try to answer the question at the same time, all in fun, not rudeness or arrogance.


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  • I know where you're coming from. I can think of some people that fit this description very well. Yet, I don't think most people are like this; most users are not here to simply get noticed or to want people to like their opinions. Whenever I see one of those responses where I know the person who wrote it does not have a good perception of reality, I will either write a witty (and what I consider a somewhat humorous opinion comment), downvote their opinion, or simply ignore their opinion.

    Sometimes when I comment on their opinion, it gets reported and then deleted...I wonder how that happens?

  • Everyone here is here to have fun or get their ego stroked.

    Free advice is free advice, its a bonus if its useful.

    • lol I guess you could say that. I don't really feel like that though. I genuinely want to help people, I don't just come here for some verbal ego stroking. There are other aspects of myself and my life that boost my confidence.

    • I feel like I want to help people, but that's probably just something I tell myself to feel better about enjoying feeling clever and once in a while getting flirted with.

    • +1 for honesty! however, I still can't say I feel the same lol

  • But your doing what your complaing about

    • in what way?

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    • Come now contrast from a self appointed sherlock holmes

    • If you don't stop being antagonistic and trying to start shit, I'm blocking you. I'm sick of you coming here specifically to stir the pot. Cut it out or be banned from this post.

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