What's the worst category on Girls ask Guys?

I would have to say that "Style" is the worst by far! Help me pick a: Bathing suit, a Hair style, a dress, a look. Honestly I have one person to choose my looks for the day (only if we go out) and that's my girlfriend. Why ask complete strangers for help in personal appearance?

To me the whole idea of Style is very subjective. Do what makes you feel like the prettiest or the most handsome person. Just don't choose a look based on what other people like, least of all net nerds. I say that knowing full well that I am one.

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  • they all have their bad parts..

    sexuality - I'm sick of teenage girls asking "how do I make my boyfriend horny?"

    style - all the people that post pics of themselves and ask if they are attractive, or what people think of their appearance. they are fishing for compliments... that annoys me.

    relationships - people usually don't like hearing the advice given, and a lot of the advice given has little thought put into it, and is usually harsher than needed.

    and I don't really go on flirting or behavior much... whenever I'd check it out it always appeared to be mostly teenagers posting on them... which is fine... but teenagers are dealing with completely different problems than early 20's


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  • lol I tend to stay away from the sexuality section just because some of the stuff is nasty and gross and sometimes it's all right. lol some people just like to read the kinky scenarios. I don't bother. I would rather read questions in break up or relationship sections. those are my favourite categories so far and I also like other because there's more flexibility in terms of questions. lol good question

  • Sexuality, usually people are asking stuff they should have known about since sex ed or going on about their own bizarre personal fantasies, not just saying them but feeling the need to describe them in detail. You also have the occasional, 'oh yeahhh, that's so hot' answer or question saying 'this section is so hot, it makes me so horny'.

    They must go into some kind of erotic ecstacy when they read agony aunt pages.

    Either they are extremely sexually repressed or would f*** a lamp post if they could.

  • i would have to agree with you on style, come on now people think for yourselves and pick ur own style

  • sexuality- because there's 14 year olds on here that won't stop asking the same questions.


    *does it feel good when I suck a guy's dick?

    * how do I turn him on?

    * any good tips for a blow job?

  • Style seems to be the most annoying, I agree. I hate it when people ask questions like "what do you think of this shirt, dress, shoes, etc." As long as you like it, wear it. Otherwise, I'm good with all questions except for the obvious ones that the asker is asking for either validation or pure jest.


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