Sorry if this is a dumb question. What does U stand for. I know A stands for admin, M stands for moderator, and S stands for super moderator?

Like the question asks what does U stand for, I know I'm dumb person posting a dumb question.


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  • Not a stupid question at all. :)

    U stands for "Uber" Moderator.

    I'll copy and paste what's in the FAQ for you!

    "We only had Moderators and Super Moderators before, but we now also have Uber Moderators. They have all of the same capabilities and responsibilities as our SuperMods, but they can also temporarily freeze a member's account if a member is continuously breaking rules. This is to prevent further infringement until an admin can investigate and take further action, if necessary."

    You can find most of the answers you're looking for at

    Hope this helps. :)

    • I was just wondering, cause I never seen U on the old stie.

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    • Oh well, no big deal. Whats funny, after it was removed, Please do not post questions asking why a post was removed.
      If you have questions about why something was removed, please contact us as we're happy to help (^_^) in the G@G news box on the right of the page.

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  • uber moderator

  • glad that i had assumed uber and not upper...

  • They got it right, of course... Uber Moderator.
    Ubermods are the highest tier of the mod team.

    For reference, the symbols are explained in our FAQ as well ^_^

    • Only if I would of checked the faq after the up date, I wouldn't be feeling so stupid lol.

    • Haha! No need to feel stupid, it's all good!

    • Don't need to feel stupid, comes naturally lol.

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