Why have text limitations when, when you reach the limit you can't post because 'question too long or too short' but its not..?

Abd here's the part of my qustion that was aparently 'too long or too short' at 150/150 characters...

'Obviously; eg. 150/150'

And why have a minimum also? Why can't people make their questions/opinions/comments/updates as long or as short as they want and/or need?

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its not the minimum limit thats the problem. its the fact that for exaple, this update box says the max limit is 250, but when you use the whole 250 it says its too long.. :/
i'm just saying.. don't make the max limit say 250 when its really 240.. etc.. :/


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  • The minimum limit is there in order to try to cut down on trolling/spamming, and to promote more thought and effort going into whatever's being posted.

    Honestly I don't understand why anyone complains about the minimum limit; when it comes to asking questions your title has to have 30 characters and the description has to have at least 50. Is it really so difficult to type one sentence? The combination of those characters would fit into a tweet on Twitter. Sorry but I really just don't understand what the issue is here, aside from laziness.

    Anyways, when it comes to the max amount I can see how that can get irritating, especially when it won't let you post all that you've written because of the limit... there have been times where I typed out long answers and I lost it all when I tried to submit because my answer was considered too long. But since the new layout came around the Admins have lengthened the limits on some things when they heard people wanted a larger limit on stuff like opinion comments. The best thing to do is to just pay attention to the counter before you go to submit.

    • that's exactly what i mean tho.. READ UPDATE.

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    • Well, if you're uncertain about whether or not your text is going to fit the limit, you could always copy what you've written before you submit, just in case.

      Or, instead of shortening your post, you could divide it up. If you're writing an Opinion for example, use the Comment feature to add whatever didn't fit within the initial 2000 character limit.

      Unfortunately for now those are the best suggestions I can offer for dealing with this. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or what, or if the Admins are going to change the limits again. You could always send them a message to let them know how you feel about the character limits, they have been listening to the feedback everyone's been giving them.

    • That advice doesn't help with the limited question updates

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  • Yeah, it's really irritating to have a limit, either too short or too long.

    I guess the 'too short' limit is only there to prevent people from racking up points with a minimum of work...I could reply with just one letter on 100 questions in no time.


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  • We have character limits in place to encourage everyone to be clear and concise, but also give enough detail so G@Gers can provide helpful opinions and advice.

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