Another dumb question, What causes a question to become popular or trending?

When you click popular or trending, how do the questions at top of the list get at the top. Is it just a random thing, or doe the mods/admins. I know dumb question.

Misspelled popular as poplar.


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  • Sparrow has explained this on some other question before.

    Trending are questions about what's currently happening in the world (or more likely USA). Popular are questions with many views/opinions/activity. But I'm not so sure about popular.


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  • Trending questions are questions about something that is currently going on, something that is happening or just happened (news, entertainment news, etc.)
    Popular questions are questions that have a lot of activity on the site; a lot of views, a lot of opinions, comments, etc.

    • Thanks, I just got curious when I seen one of my questions when I clicked trending and it only had 2 opinion.

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