How do you redeem Xper? I fail sorry.

i want to feature a question but not sure how the instructions kind of confuse me (i dont know how) so if you have featured a question before please put how you did in vivid detail below!


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  • Click on your username at the upper right corner.
    Then click on the "My Xper" tab on the left side.
    You'll see an orange button for redeeming Xper.

  • xHoneyxBeex is absolutely right, of course.
    Contact us, using the Contact link at the bottom of every G@G page, or by clicking Redeem Points from your Xper page

    If you're redeeming Xper points to feature a question, please remember you'll need 500 redeemable Xper points, and remember to include the URL link of that question in the text box, after selecting Redeem Xper from the Regarding drop down menu.
    Also keep in mind that we NEVER feature any questions about sexuality.

    Check out our FAQ to learn more -

    • are you an admin? or something along those lines?

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    • Of course, it's my job.
      I did start out as just a user though, serendipity shined on me and now I'm an admin.

    • thats a pretty badass job hah

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