Am I most helpful announcement?

Ok so now, you have 15 days to select a Most Helpful answer, if you dont select a best answer within these 15 days, the system picks a best answer for you. Neither you nor the person whose answer was chosen by the system gets the points for it. Do you think this is fair. If your answer gets picked as the best one, you should still get the points, thats only fair. I know they just posted that announcement up today, but still. If I got best answer, Id still wanna get the points for it ya know? I think, instead of the system choosing best answer after the 15 days, the moderators should do it, that way we still get our points. What do you guys think?

  • I think we should still get our points if our answer was chosen as the best one
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  • Nope, the question asker had 15 days to pick the best one
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  • I don't think it's fair and the system is flawed. Really how can opinion length and experience level equate to best answer. Not all questions requires long opinions, and just because someone has a higher experience than others doesn't mean theirs was better. and number of votes, I see quite often good opinions getting down votes. Achieving MH isn't just about the points, but the feeling it gives knowing that your opinion was worth of MH. With the system and it's flaws MH selected by the system is meaningless.


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  • I guess it depends on how they are picking 'most helpful'. If someone is actually reading it, and selecting mine - I think the points are warranted. If it's just a random selection, then I'm fine with no additional points.

    • I don't think their actually reading it. If I understand correctly system chooses by, votes, comments, length, time, xper level, gender, among other criteria.

  • i think you should have to pick a best answer to ask more questions after like 3 days


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  • I'm nutral becuase I undersatnd where you're coming from but if it didn't pick your answer. It wouldn'thave gotten picked at all and you wouldb't have recieved the points either way.

    But when it comes to getting an answer picked for you is kind of not fair becuase some answers are judt idiotic! Or makes no since or are insulting! Oh and there are some questions whenits not really a question to help you but more just to find out what others think with that being said... I purposely chose not to answer it but now even if they dont earn pounts they get the satidfaction of thinking they were right or there opion was better than someone elses.

  • I agree with llorando on this, the chosen MH should at least get some points. Maybe not 10, but some. Because as was stated in the FAQ, "As long as you're giving helpful opinions, we'll find them!"

    But MH doesn't bring you anything if it doesn't give you any points. It doesn't distinguish you or gives you any advantage compared to people who wrote 2 word opinions.

    • Why should the MH opinioner pay for something the question asker failed to do, even if it's not the full 10 they deserve to get at-least something for their time and effort. I can see not getting points, for ones form the old site since their was a lot selected by the system, but for ones on the new site just isn't fair :(.

  • Im neutral.

  • It's true...
    From now on, if you DO NOT select a Most Helpful opinion on your question, the system will choose one based on engagement for you after 15 days.
    Neither the QA nor the person awarded MH will get the usual Xper points for MH.
    It's chosen based on engagement: votes, comments, length, time, xper level, gender, among other criteria.
    As long as you're giving helpful opinions, we'll find them (^_^)

    We encourage everyone (by sending reminders) to remember to select a MH opinion within 15 days so that YOU and the MH user can get the Xper points for selecting and being chosen!

    For reference, you can always check out our FAQ

    • When does that go into effect? I just chose best answers for question I asked like a year ago.

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    • Ok, thanks :)

    • Most of my old questions already have MH, their are. The opinion selected by the system should at least get some points even if it's just one, it's not the answerser fault the question asker never selected best answer.

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