What do you think about the new most helpful rule?

I think it's stupid to automatically choose a most helpful if it may not be the most helpful. And there shouldn't be a limited time for choosing it.
On the contrary I think you shouldn't be able to choose a most helpful for at least 5 days or so after asking the question. Because when a question already has the most helpful chosen it puts people off wanting to answer, and it's not fair to choose most helpful without having seen everyone's opinions

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  • I'm totally against it. I really don't understand why GaG feels it's so important to pick most helpful. It should be up to the QA to pick MH, not GaG. If the QA doesn't pick one, so what?

    Also, 15 days is pretty short. I've gotten a LOT of MH much later than that, like 2-3 months. I've probably gotten them as long as six months or more. Let the QAs pick when they want, or not at all if that's their choice.


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What Girls Said 4

  • One of the stupidest things they have added.

  • I will choose Most Helpful if I think someone deserves. I always ignore the PMs for the ones I haven't chosen for yet. If I haven't chosen it means I didn't find any of the answers helpful. I don't see why I should have to pick one if I don't find any helpful. Also one of the questions I asked I guess I put in too much detail, so I only got a few answers and none helped. They actually trolled me. I didn't realize that people on this site hate if people put in a lot of detail. With that particular question I needed to put in as much detail as possible for people to understand. Anyway, that was months ago, and I still get PMs that I haven't picked a Most Helpful for it. I never will. I'm not rewarding someone who trolled me.

  • On the bigger scale of life does it really, really matter?

    • On the bigger scale of life this site doesn't really matter but here we are anyway. And we can't only care about things that matter on the bigger scale of life.. It's the little things that make life great

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    • I must agree with in one aspect, some questions there is not a MH answer. So I would give the MH answer to someone I consider a friend, someone who does not have a MH, or someone who needs a boost of TLC. Silly I guess but there are options around this rule that has been implemented by the powers that be :)

    • *you

  • It's true...
    From now on, if you DO NOT select a Most Helpful opinion on your question, the system will choose one, based on engagement, for you after 15 days. Most questions are pretty inactive after 15 days, so there are many opinions coming at that point.
    Neither the QA nor the person awarded MH will get the usual Xper points for MH.
    It's chosen based on engagement: votes, comments, length, time, xper level, gender, among other criteria.
    As long as you're giving helpful opinions, we'll find them!

    We encourage everyone (by sending reminders) to remember to select a MH opinion within 15 days so that YOU and the MH user can get the Xper points for selecting and being chosen!
    Choose the MH yourself and you'll never have to worry about the system choosing anything for you ^_^ We hope more people start choosing MHs!

    For reference, you can always check out our FAQ https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq

    • But sometimes no answer is helful. And I don't see why GAG wants people to choose more MHs.. And if GAG automatically chooses the MH will it show that it was an automatic slection?

    • You receive the notification if the QA chose yours. If yours was chosen by the system, you won't receive any kind of notification.

What Guys Said 3

  • In certain ways it's good. Assuming that you value your 'Most Helpful' percentage and it means anything as 'reputation' on the site. Mine went from 2% to 12%. I also think that two weeks is plenty of time, you'll likely get most all the answers you ever will in that timeframe.

    That being said, You're correct - if I see a MH already chosen, I'm less likely to answer that question.

    But in the end, this is a site to kill some time on like any other, and has no bearing on who I am as a person - so the points are only as good as the GC's they redeem.

  • I think that many people pick a "most helpful" answer really early, like within half an hour of asking the question, and that just seems silly, but I think a 5 day waiting period is a bit much. Maybe just 24 hours. I don't know if I like the site automatically choosing one for you after 15 days. I've had questions where none of the answers were worth much.

    • Yeah the 5 day was an example, maybe it's a bit much but I see no reason to rush it

  • I think it's stupid. The day I asked the question I used my xper points to make it a featured question. It's been a week now and still have not had my question featured, and only a couple of people of asked and both of them pretty much insulted me and my question. Now the system is telling me that I need to hurry up and pick the most helpful before it does it for me... Well, if no one else answers my question from here to the time limit, it looks like the system is going to select an opinion that I think is the least helpful just because not many people have answered my question as of yet. So fucking stupid.

    • only a couple of people have stated their opinion*