Do these Q&A sites make things even more complicated?

I've seen girl & guys ask serious questions over here. And some the answers aren't even serious. Most of them are trolls.

But even if someone gives you an answer, do you thing it makes the situation even more complicated?


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  • I think in any site you're going to have trolls, or people who take the time to develop a well thought out response. With that said, no. I do not think this site makes anything "worse" unless the QA makes things worse in their own life. Responses here either help, or they don't. Sometimes morons post things that are agitating in that particular moment, but beyond that , its up to the qa to give that negative energy attention.


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  • @ I've seen girls and guys ask serious questions over here.And some the answers aren't even serious.

    I seldom give advice here.In the past there had been a few users who requested me to give them advice.I empathised with them since they are nice and decent people and so I went all the way out to help them out of kindness but this had given me some problems as well.


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