Have you ever had a question removed, and not long after it was removed, you noticed that the G@G news box was about your question that was removed?

A couple days ago I asked why my question was removed, and the removed my question asking why my question was removed. Not long after it was removed this appeared in the G@G news box (the news box on the right of thescreen) "Please do not post questions asking why a post was removed.
If you have questions about why something was removed, please contact us as we're happy to help (^_^)"


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  • The G@G News box is there to address ANY trends we notice on the site.

    Many people aren't aware of how much information can be found in our FAQ, so we like to remind people using G@G News ^_^

    • It was kinda funny yet worrying at the same time. My question gets removed and not long after info about not asking why my question was removed appeared in the G@G news box.

    • Thanks for MH

    • No problem, I need the points :)

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  • That's because before you posted your question, many people have posted questions as to why their questions were removed. There was this one guy who was very persistent on demanding an explanation. Whereas none of us over here could give a definite answer. The only way to find out for sure why your question was removed is to contact the admins. Posting a question to ask us would not help anyone at all.

    It's just a coincidence that the news was posted after your question. It's because several people have asked the same question, so it was a "trend". It was then written in the news box so that there wouldn't be 100 other users posting questions about why their posts was removed. It's nothing personal towards you. Everyone's news feed says the same, it's not a personalized thing.

  • Yes it keeps telling me to pick a best answer -_-

  • That's just to much of a coincidence.

    • It was actually funny, having my question removed than seeing the News box.

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