How do you feel about a feature on GAG where we could share our thoughts and ideas without posting it as a question?

Sorta like the Facebook status, or Twitter feed. A place where we could share our thoughts without it having to be a question.

I know this is not a social media site, but as some of the mods and admin have said, GAG is also like a community.

Has someone ever want to just say something out loud over here, share their ideas about some issues, without wanting to actually ask anything? Without wanting to write a long article either. Just shout it out, and maybe likeminded people can comment.


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  • Sounds interesting. Of course, I don't think I would want this site to get too much like Facebook or Twitter, but maybe just a way to post random thoughts would be cool:)


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  • I think that would b cool
    make that happen

  • Like a forum? Could be useful

    • not like a forum, but sorta like the FB status, but without all the "good morning everybody! rise and shine!" or "OMG I'm so excited to go to _______t today!"

      More like things you've been musing about. I can't think for an example but in the past I've had such thoughts and I wanted to see what other people think but I can't think of a question because it wasn't really a question. Got what I mean?

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  • We're always open for ideas and suggestions, and I personally like this idea.
    Thank you for opening up this thread, I look forward to seeing how many other G@Gers would like something like this.
    We are listening, so keep it coming ^_^

    • on the other hand, it's also very prone to spamming... =(

    • I think.

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