Am I the only one that thinks that...

They need to take this f***ing "the code" advertisement off already?

its slowing down this site like hell! I don't even get on as often as before because its so annoying . anyone agree?

who actually watches that gay ass movie anyways, I had never even heard of it until this ad and now that its p*ssed me off ill never watch it ever ever ever .


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  • I have a lot of pop up blockers up and something else that stops media from showing. What is this... "the code"?

    • Its a ad for that movie "the code" that they have had for about a week . it uses adobe and just slows this site like hell

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    • I use flashblock and adblock plus. I also use WOT. Find them on the mozilla add on page.

    • Thats exactly what I just installed. thanks

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  • i agree, I was beginning to think that my laptop had a virus, but since its a mac, it's unlikely. and it doesn't act this slow on any other website.

    • Same here. I thought I had a virus until I realized its only on this website. then I narrowed it down to only slowing down when that ad for the movie "the code" is showing

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  • So THAT'S why the site has been running so slow.

    I thought they had been hacked.

    • Lol yup. I was all worried running anti-virus scans on my comp haha

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