Hate it when users answer after reading just the title? Hate it when people beg to give them "most helpful"? What can be done?

Shouldn't these people be warned not to do it and somehow enforce it on them?
I asked questions and you can clearly notice they only read the title, and skipped the details.
I rather they don't answer at all.

Then there's people that go "hope my answer was helpful" or those that simply ask you "can i get the MH?"
It's disgraceful


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  • We always encourage G@Gers to be helpful when sharing opinions (^_^)

    If you see opinions that don't address the question, or are completely unhelpful, you can Report them as Nonsense (clicking the little flag and selecting a Report reason).
    If you notice that a G@Ger does this a lot, you can Block and/or Report them from their profile page. We'll then investigate further and take action, if necessary.

    • Hi, Thanks for the answer. Yes i know i can report them, but it's not smth that i can report really bc it does touch the subject of my question. But they chase after these Xper Points awarded for first answerer and do it based solely on the title which doesn't necessarily says the whole story. i'd want people to answer because they want to, not because they are conditioned to do it for the Xper Points. Doesn't matter though, i guess i can find a way to deal with them.

      Another thing i noticed, that i am also guilty of: I stopped searching through the topics since the site was changed. I just answer question in the feed and barely scroll through topics. Because there are too many topics !
      Are there chances to get the old categories back? It was easier to scroll through older questions. Now it's a bit of a pain to do it. people concentrate only on the feed and once the question "falls out" of the feed it's pretty much over.

    • And i think people will start to drift away from this site. You know better if you have some kind of tracking apps for users.
      Hope i'm not misunderstood. I'm not trying to criticize, just that there are some small things that might be improved to make this site BIG :)
      I understand it's hard work and i appreciate it. Thanks for your time

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  • You can always just leave the site if it bothers you so much.

  • If the answer is not helpful to you, you can report them as "nonsense".

    "Hope my answer was helpful" is not begging for MH, in my opinion. It's well intended. Well mostly, anyway. But if someone blatantly asks for MH, I just laugh it off and make sure they don't get it, unless they were actually the most helpful opinion among all others.

    Hope my answer was helpful to you. ;p *just kidding*

  • They can't make you do anything you don't want to do so I don't really see a real problem here except it's just you being annoyed.

  • i've never seen that. only as a joke. i wouldn't do it but... some have that kind of personality.

  • Sounds like they are being nice and thoughtful to me. Hope my answer was helpful :D lol hahahahahaha!


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  • just ignore them and you can find enough relevant comments on any topic from other users , just follow it..

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