Do you feel the amount of "creeps" (however you define them), that users say on this site, is accurate?

I asked a question a while back about what fellow users thought about he minimum user age on GaG being lowered from age 16 to age 13.

The link to that question is here:


A common thread many users had in objecting to the miminimum age reduction, was saying there are too many "creeps" on this website to formally allow 13-15 year old teens onto GaG.

This got me accurate ARE the talks about "creeps" being on this website, and what IS the definition of a "creep" on GaG?

1) What is your definition of a "creep" user on GaG?

2) Is the amount of "creeps" on this website under stated, over stated, or spot on accurate?

3) What reasons do u have for your answer for #2?


Respond in as much detail as you wish, using the numeric layout I used if u so choose to do so.

Thanks for your input! 8-)

  • the amount of "creeps" on GaG is over-inflated (not as many as people say)
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  • the amount of "creeps" on GaG is under-stated (more than people say)
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  • the amount of "creeps" that people say are on GaG is spot-on accurate
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  • I'm too new of a user, or not active enough here, to answer on this subject
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  • I think a creep is someone who randomly messages you asking super personal questions and tries to engage you in cyber. And I am really, really disturbed that there 13 year olds on this site... It's just wrong, not sure what admins were thinking. Forget the creeps, there are a lot of questions and opinions given which simply are not appropriate for people that young to read. I think the number of creeps on this website is probably a bit overstated... it might be a few guys just creeping on a whole bunch of people lol. I can't really tell, but it's part of human nature to exaggerate.


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What Girls Said 8

  • There are creeps everywhere.
    If they don't get hit on by creeps here, they'd definitely get it on KIK or chatroulette or whatever. Especially KIK: Tons of creeps that are minors too. That's not why I thought lowering the age limit was a bad idea.

    1) a creep is someone who either: stalks and makes you feel creeped out; or messages you and ask for nudes / sends you nudes without being asked.
    2) I don't know, because all my time being here, I've never put up a profile picture, and have almost always answered sex-related questions anonymously. But god forbid if I forget to check the anonymous box while answering a sex-related question, some male user would definitely message me. Doesn't matter if my avatar is that of a soaring bird or of a water flea.
    3) eh... I don't know what to write here haha!

  • I have been here a year & in total have only run into maybe 1/2 dozen users I would call creeps they were more like trolls then any thing else. As for dropping the age limit that would be OK as long as GAG lets you filter on age to.

  • Nah, there are creeps everywhere on the internet, the one group that stands out on GAG is jaded "nice guys" - other than that, I really like the community! Pen pal sites are WAY more creep-infested and the 13-year-old minimum is the standard there.

  • I actually think that there are far less creeps on this site than there are on other sites. But then again I am not underage so I may not notice.

  • Creeps don't have time to be on here because the teen population isn't the majority here

  • my definition of a creep are the user's male and female that are overly sexual or are trolls and randomly pick fights with users for no reason. I really think the amount of creeps has increased due to be anonymous feature. they figure no one will find them out so they go anonymous and it makes it easier for them to creep and troll people. a lot of people say is the males but honestly I think there are more female trolls and creeps on here.

  • A. There aren't many here and the people who claim there are do it for attention or they've posted sexy pictures and act surprised and shocked when men respond to their obvious cries for attention LOL

  • I voted A. Maybe I just have noticed any, but I don't think there are a lot of creeps that use this site.

    Every once in awhile you get the guy looking to find a date saying "message me" in the question, but that's about it.


What Guys Said 3

  • I'm a total creep. I'd watch girls through windows while sitting on tree branches.
    But hey, I am a bird so I get a pass.

  • I haven't even noticed any creeps around here. As such I don't have an answer for #1, since I haven't seen any.

    2) I think it's over-inflated.
    3) Because I haven't seen any.

  • I'm a creep! So that makes at least one.

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