Does GAG need to do something about people who cowardly block others to get the last word? This is abuse of the anonymous feature. Agree?

The anonymous feature is a very unique tool that makes people feel more comfortable with being honest. However, occasionally you find people who manipulate that tool so they can be cowards. This is by either being antagonistic and harassing someone while hiding or by blocking someone so that they can't even defend themselves against what you've said.

Recently, I made a post where I got vulnerable with a personal situation. Now, I realize there are some people here who seriously have little to no clue how to communicate effectively. They falsely believe that communicating means opening your mouth and letting your thoughts fly out with no filter and no reconsideration to how accurate those thoughts may be. I had an answerer who used my post as an opportunity to show off what she thought she knew and try to reprimand me for ASSUMPTIONS that she had made about me. When I simply let her know that she had misinterpreted my situation, she got defensive then proceeded to block me after getting the last word so that I couldn't reply. This is totally unreasonable, inappropriate, and childish considering the amount of years this person had on me. Anyhow, I'm sure this has happened to others as well. With the amount of upgrades GAG is doing, I think they should add this.

Your thoughts?


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  • Just take it as a sign that the person knew they were in the wrong, and that they knew a strong and reasonable rebuttal was coming their way.

    • You're totally right otherwise why cowardly run away yet falsely present to anyone else that you got the last word? lol

    • Exactly! That's the weenie way of losing the debate. :)

    • lol 'weenie way' that gave me the chuckles

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  • From your last few questions, you are putting way too much time and effort into this website and some loser who got you butthurt.

    If you're not here to help other people, you shouldn't spend too much time on it. If you're hear for advice, ask your question and listen to helpful answers and ignore the rest.

    • Your settings won't let me send you a private message.

    • It's not realistic for me to explain without inappropriately putting someone on blast so I was just going to send you a private message instead.

  • I entirely agree. GaG should implement a "final words" button that allows you to respond to someone when they already blocked you, one last time. That makes perfect sense.

  • i hate that shit so much some people are so immature sometimes


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  • We always allow you guys to block whoever you want, whenever you want.
    We'll never monitor that or penalize anyone for using the block feature.

    We want every G@Ger to feel as comfortable as possible while using the site. It's YOUR G@G experience, you can decide who you want to talk to and who you don't... and others have the same rights.

    If you feel you're being harassed, please report the offensive posts or messages, and the user, if necessary and we'll investigate further and take action, if necessary.
    Great thing about the NEW blocking feature is that now when someone blocks you, they are also blocked back - so they can't continue posting on YOUR posts either.

    Please don't hesitate to come to us if someone is being overly offensive or harassing you. We WANT to help - so let us (^_^)

    • *sighs* makes sense...if you give someone free will then it complicates "restricting" that free will. Are you positive there's absolutely no precaution that can be enforced? like trgffggffgfg suggested a "final words" button. I realize that you guys will remove posts that violate the guidelines, but realistically, you can't be everywhere at once. I've experienced times where the heated convo ensues before a 3rd party has a chance to step in and by then, shit has hit the fan, bounced off of one blade and hit the other side of the fan, then ricocheted off the wall and hit the fan again.

    • We, of course, understand that things can get heated sometimes, but not letting things get to THAT level is the first step.

      If we allowed people to post AFTER they'd been blocked, it would simply do more harm than good... considering what most people would actually say knowing it's their final post.

      We ask that people NOT engage in fights. If someone is antagonizing you, simply report the posts and/or user, DO NOT respond, as that can only lead to things getting more and more out of hand.

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