How do I know if someone follows me if there are no notifications for it?

So when I follow someone, I still need them to follow me back so I can message them. But when they don't get a notification, how will they even know I followed them?


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  • Agreed, this is a system that could use some tweaking.

    (P.S. Followed you back. :) Didn't see you comment 'til just now...I had to get the hell out of that thread!)


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  • You can see whose following you, by clicking your profile and selecting follows. I didn't know when you followed someone they don't get a notification, on the old site you did. The only way for them to know if you followed them, is for them to check their follows.

    • So I'd have to regularl check my list if I want to know? Well, that's lame.

      Also, what if I follow someone and want them to follow me back so I can message them. They will have no idea I have requested them.

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    • I followed you back :)

    • Thanks :)

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  • They won't know unless they check their list or unless you tell them to follow you back.

  • We are currently working on a solution for this issue, so stay tuned ^_^

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