If everybody on here thinks everybody else is fake, why use this site?

I just saw a question about "if anybody has ever gotten a crush on someone on here"
and some say "I don't get crushes on the internet". Um, okay. To each there own.
However, the way that's phrased makes it sound like internet people aren't real people.
I mean, what's the difference if you get a crush on someone on here or you go to
Match.com for online dating and get a crush on somebody there, what's the difference?
Both are of the internet, correct?

People also say, that peoples profile pictures on here are fake. Um, well I'm sure
there are some people on here who use a fake picture that's not really them. However,
people do the exact same thing on other sites, especially dating websites. But, people
who use dating sites don't automatically assume that those pictures are fake. This
isn't even a dating site, so why do people automatically assume that people's profile
pictures are fake and that they themselves maybe be fake? Unless you can prove that,
how do you know that?

Also, people say that "people on here put to much merit on what people on the interenet
say" or "they don't take advice from strangers" Okay, well your therapist Dr.Fitzgerald
is strange, but yet you'd sit on her couch ever Monday night and tell her your problems.
That bartender Pete at the local bar you go to every Friday night after work, is a stranger.
Yet, you still may sit there and tell him your problems while you drink your problems away.
Your co-worker Nancy who you barely know, maybe she caught you crying or kicking the
vending machine and if she said "what's wrong? Are you okay?" You'd probably tell her.
So, point is. What's the difference if the person is looking you square in the eyes on if there
on the other side of the computer screen? If you need advice or guidence or opinion, why does it
matter if you can see that person or not? A stranger is a stranger, are they not?

So, why do people act this way? Is it because they can't see the person? Or, because they live in another state
or country? Like what is it?
And, if no one takes this site or people on it seriously, why do they use it? If you don't think anyone on here is a real person or who they say they are, again why use this site?


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  • You just have to be measured about stuff you get from the internet. You kind of have to mistrust the internet, just because enough people are weirdos to justify the skepticism. Sites like this i feel a little better about, because i think most people here are on the up and up and are genuine in their advice. But you still never know if someone is who they say they are here, and some people's advice still may be idiotic, especially on the internet where i feel people are more likely to talk out of their ass. Pictures, you really never know. Most people seem to go the faceless route here, and that's cool. I used to, and for some reason i put a pic up for the benefit of a question that i don't remember, so i just said fuck it. Not like anyone is going to misuse a picture of me chucking up the deuces in the mirror showing off the horrible color my landlord apparently chose to paint the trim in this place. I figure those who put up pics are mostly real, but i wouldn't be shocked if someone used a picture of someone they want to look like. I don't really understand why people do that, maybe to feel like that person? I don't know. I don't care. At the end of the day, i think it's safe to say that most of us will never hang out, we're spread across the world. To have crushes on someone? I don't know, that's tough if you don't see each other in person. I might think a girl is cute or whatever, but if i was single, am i going to fly somewhere to go on a date with her? of course not. Maybe i'm old fashioned, but i couldn't even see myself doing the Match.com thing. Nothing against those who do, but i'd rather just meet girls through living my life like i always did. But again, i spent the 90s getting girls' numbers with a pen and paper, had them hit me on my pager, then call them from a pay phone. OLD SCHOOL. But anyway, i wouldn't say i don't take anyone seriously here, i see some people who give pretty solid advice. And more often than not, if i'm asking advice, I've...

    • ‚Ķprobably already made up my mind, i'm just double-checking to make sure i'm not crazy. It honestly is tough to 100% count on internet advice, not just because i don't know you guys and what you're about, but YOU don't know ME and what i'm about, which is important information. So basically, the advice on here has it's value, but you need to filter the good from the bad. And internet crushes are just kind of fruitless, i guess.

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  • well my picture isn't fake, its me. I suppose a lot of people can't handle the truth of this site, so they call it fake, althought internet can be a fake place in general. maybe there are some people on this site that are fake, like maybe some guys want as many girls as friends.

    You could say the same for Facebook, some people have fake picture proflies, and have over hundred plus friends, never speak to a quarter of those friends, or ever socialise with those friends.

  • You can't expect everyone to be smart honey think about all the past stupid behaviors and stupid behaviors and thoughts that people have today as well there are people who still think big foot is real, Obama is a muslim my one neighbor for instance she is over 70 years old and she thinks Obama is a muslim sigh. Not saying that is a bad thing at all, but that is so far from the truth his parents were both Christian. People have had lots of crazy beliefs through out history take mass hysteria during the dark ages for instance or the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts back in the 1300s I believe or 1500s now I am not saying not believing that no one has a crush is ridiculous, but believe everyone on here is fake is definitely crazy.

  • Don't take it serious, I have failed to invite stranger girls out MULTIPLE TIMES! We are just hanging around here, spending time, no dating/romance here!

  • I think there are a lot that are real. I mean I'm real, XD. I've Skyped with people on here so there are other real people to, haha

  • the only people who i consider fake, are the ones who say they "don't give a fuck". i mean, its ok to not care about certain things but to say you just dont care at all, makes you look like you're incapable of feeling anything, and i think thats fake

  • lolz, i think it's the American mentality that naturally mistrusts online people becuz of all their weird stories, but i trust most people except those who overly clingy.

  • it's only the Web, so it doesn't matter.

    as for strangers, lol.. A co-worker by definition isn't a stranger. I generally don't care what I say or do here, because it IS strangers...

    • A co-worker is a stranger. If you don't see them after work and your not even friends and you don't talk, then they're a stranger.

      And, people should care what they say on here. People have feelings and you can't hurt peoples feelings just because it's "online". I'm not being defensive, I'm just sayin.

    • er... no since you know them. They may not be a friend, but anybody you know by name or talk to is not a stranger.

  • You tell 'em, champ. Get on that question and tell 'em.

  • We don't all think that I certainly am not fake


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  • I think when people say they don't get crushes on the internet it's more like because they usually don't ever get to know other users well enough to crush on them. At least that's how I see it.

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