GaG's Logo, Original or just a Copy Cat?

I noticed a van with a logo yesterday while i was driving back home.

See my Avatar pic.
What do u think?


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  • What makes you think GAG copied FUCHS? Do you actually know that they had it first? Maybe they copied GAG (even though I'm pretty sure they had it first)

    It doesn't really matter free country free logo. Unless its patent pending of course... But I highly doubt that.

    • FYI fuchs was founded during 1980, As far as i concern there's no GAG ever existing in that year.

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    • Anyway like I said... I'm done here and thanks for MH despite whether you meant it or not.

    • hahahahaha...LMAO

      Okey i enjoy talking to you kid also i have fun of reading your explanation.You made my Day.
      for my MH, im serius about it.Have a good day then.

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  • I think the GAG logo is quite mundane and mediocre as well as generic. With that said I'm sure I could find similar logos anywhere. So I don't think they have "copied" anything.


What Guys Said 2

  • I like it. It's simplistic and represents what the site is about.

  • I think they are both lame