Do you get points for voting in a poll?

And how about commenting on an opinion? And if yes, how many points?


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  • Nope, I don't believe you earn Xper for either of those things.
    There are plenty of ways to earn points though!

    You can find all information on Xper here:

    • Thank you! (And sorry for having posted this question even though I could/should have found that information myself!)

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    • Haha, well that's definitely not fair!

    • Hm yeah... well at least it's only one point!

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  • I don't think so


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  • Theory is right, of course ^_^

    You don't earn any Xper points by voting on a poll. You must submit an actual opinion on the question...

    Our FAQ has all of the information on Xper you could think of -

    If you do think of something that's not there, please don't hesitate to contact us through Contact or you can always shoot me a message and ask!

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