Why I have to choose for each question MOST HELPFUL?

Sometimes i don't want to choose most helpful opinion. But system sends me to choose one. I don't think it is necessary. What do you think?


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  • You don't have to choose one, though it is recommended!
    It shows that you appreciate the advice you got or like someone's opinion.

    If you don't choose one after 15 days, the system will select one for you. (However, neither you nor the person with the Most Helpful answer will receive Xper points if this happens.)

    • Ok. Thank you and here is the MOST HELPFUL:)

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    • That's bull. People don't like it so GaG should change it. There is no reason for Gag to be so pushy about it. To what purpose? It should be up to the asker to pick what THEY think is most helpful.

    • People complained about others not picking BA/MH often enough... the Admins made a change that I assume they felt would help fix this.

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