What are the featured questings?

It's simple.What are the featured questions.Can you explain to me?


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  • "By redeeming your Xper points, you can turn your questions into a Featured Question. Featured Questions are kept at the top of recent questions and on the LIVE FEED for 24 hours. This exposure gets more opinions on your question!"

    For 500 Xper you can feature any question you've asked! Any user can feature one of his or her questions. :)
    When your question gets featured, it'll stay up for a whole day, and chances are it'll get a lot of attention.

    If you answer a Featured Question, you'll get a bonus Xper point.
    And for question askers, when you have a question that receives more than 10 Opinions, you get 5 bonus Xper points.


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  • You spend some Xper points to make your question featured and get more answers


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