Um Im a girl but I can't find the thing to switch your gender in the options...?

Uh I just want to find Joe to label my self ad a girl up here


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  • You'll have to contact the Admins and ask them to make the change for you:

    • Thank you when I was making this I guess it defaulted me as a guy

    • No problem!

      This also applies to username and birth date changes, in case you or anyone else was wondering; you'll have to send a message to the Admins to ask for a change to be made.

      Everything else you should be able to change yourself when you edit your profile.

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  • if you could just switch your gender in the options menu everyone would do it lol


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  • I've now changed your gender for you ^_^

    • Omg thank you. I was hit on twice and was like heeeze

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    • Membership and activity would skyrocket. And imagine the pay increase. Yeeeee!!! Hahahaha!!!

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