What is something non-repetitive to do on GAG?

Or what is something non-repetitive that you do on GAG?


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  • I stalk to Pingju and Kangaru2 to learn more Chinese :P

    And I keep my eye on martyfellow sometimes :)

    • Haha, I didn't even know I have a stalker on here :P I must say that Martyfellow always give very nice and detailed answers and I am grateful to him.

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    • If the "de" is the last word in a sentence, then it must always be the "de" as in "wo3 de ma1 ma1" REGARDLESS of the situation.So it should be:
      Wo3 shi4 mei3 guo2 lai2 de (not the "de" written as "di4").

    • This solves everything. Thank you :)

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